Melbourne imports & exports are an Australian family owned business that
sells a wide range of collectible musical instruments.

Our miniature guitars are hand-made from wood. The majority of our
miniature guitars are approximately 10" or 25 cm high and come with a
stand. Some of our miniature guitars come with a black leather case to
hold and protect your miniature guitar plus a black leather stand. Our
miniature drum sets are approximately 15 cm high and 30 cm wide when
it’s set up. The Violins are approximately 20 cm high and come with a
stand and a bow that’s sit on the stand. The Cello is approximately 30
cm high and comes with a stand plus a bow that sits on the stand. The
Electric Keyboards are approximately 17 cm long and come with a plastic
stand to sit on.

Single Bongos are 15 cm in height; Double Bongos are 13 cm in height
and 13 cm across ways and come with a plastic stand. Triple Bongos 13
cm in height 9 cm across ways. The guitar key rings are approximately 10
cm in height; the drum key rings are approximately 3 cm round.

The speaker/amplifier is 20 cm high and 13 cm across.

They are a fantastic gift for any friends or family members who are a
music fan.